Alfred Joseph Woolmer (1805-1892)

Godiva, 1880

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Lover of art in all its forms.

4 thoughts on “Alfred Joseph Woolmer (1805-1892)”

  1. This is a wonderful site – a true resource of the arts, and solace for the soul in appalling times. I am grateful but embarrassed that you are “following” my blogs, at a time they are comatose while I am speechless about the futility of blogging amid public apathy towards catastrophic political events in Britain. I will carry on exploring your blog whenever I have the time.


      1. I think Beauty should focus people’s minds, rather than divert them; we need Beauty to reflect reality, not distort it. Truth is Beauty etc. By enhancing reality, it consoles us.

        American satire is having a glorious time in the Trumpanzee Age – a form of beauty? La la Land is too obviously a sugar pill?

        Part of the Brexit ‘Populist’ problem is the separating of beauty, and history, from contemporary life, and basing political judgments on a delusion of British identity and influence.

        We are sleepwalking into disaster here. Everyone is scared and entertained by the Trump administration, and in denial that our own government is just as repressive and self-serving.

        The West is falling, like the Roman Empire, and we are entering new Dark Ages where beauty is misunderstood and disrespected. What a long, dismal comment over Sunday morning breakfast! Sorry!


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