This is oddly personal

for a site devoted to art.

I’m getting a divorce, and I’M OK. But it feels like a lie not to acknowledge that I’m on a different plane. I’m feeling out this new way of interacting with the world. My guard is constantly shifting. There is so much concern and apathy. So much terrible advice. So many lonely men. Four cats is a lot of cats. My back hurts from shoveling snow. I am furious that FilmStruck has chosen to leave me. Now, of all times.

I should feel more, and sometimes I do.

I will delete this. Or maybe I won’t.

Adolf Chwala (1836-1900)

Adolf Chwala
Night Landscape, late 19th century
Adolf Chwala mill
Mill in the Moonlight, before 1900


Raised by Wolves

I haven’t been around for about a week(?) and your comments have been thoroughly neglected. I apologize for my atrocious manners, and promise things will be back to normal… I’ll be back in the blink of an eye.

Atelier Manassé

From the Raymonda Ballet, 1931
Portrait of Actress Inge Borg with masks, 1928
My Little Bird, 1929

Olga Solarics and her husband Adorja’n von Wlassics were the founders of Studio Manassé in Vienna in 1922. The studio was enormously successful in portrait and erotic photography, but it was the influence of surrealism, particularly on Olga, that resulted in photographs that incorporated experimental techniques and offered humorous, often absurd takes on desire and traditional sexual roles.

Alice Boughton (1865-1943)

The Seasons, 1909
Dawn, 1909
Sand and Wild Roses, 1909


Sarah Moon (b. 1941)

Anatomie, 1997
Paule Monory, 1996
Issey Miyake, 1992
A Bouche Perdue, 2000
Fashion #2, Yoji Yamamoto, 1997


Byam Shaw (1872-1919)

“Now Is the Pilgrim Year Fair Autumn’s Charge” (source unknown)
Byam Shaw 3
Love’s Baubles, 1897
The Boer War, 1901
‘Last summer green things were greener, brambles fewer, the blue sky bluer’ – Christina Rossetti


Eugène Carrière (1849-1906)

Le Baiser à la mère (Her Mother’s Kiss), 1899
La nouvelle montre-bracelet
Meditation, 1890-1893