This is oddly personal

for a site devoted to art.

I’m getting a divorce, and I’M OK. But it feels like a lie not to acknowledge that I’m on a different plane. I’m feeling out this new way of interacting with the world. My guard is constantly shifting. There is so much concern and apathy. So much terrible advice. So many lonely men. Four cats is a lot of cats. My back hurts from shoveling snow. I am furious that FilmStruck has chosen to leave me. Now, of all times.

I should feel more, and sometimes I do.

I will delete this. Or maybe I won’t.

Raised by Wolves

I haven’t been around for about a week(?) and your comments have been thoroughly neglected. I apologize for my atrocious manners, and promise things will be back to normal… I’ll be back in the blink of an eye.


I will be traveling and visting family over the next two weeks. I’ve scheduled a few posts and I’ll log in when I can, but if I don’t respond to your comments or it appears I’ve stopped paying attention to your posts, please know you are not being ignored.

Thank you for following and for all your kind and insightful comments. I’m sure I’ve received an unkind message along the way, but it obviously didn’t leave a mark.

Unplanned Hiatus

has ended. New posts on the way.

Break Over

Posting to resume tomorrow.