Yasuhiro Ishimoto (1921-2012)

Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Chicago, 1959-1961
Untitled, 1950-1951

A few more photographs by Yasuhiro Ishimoto I planned to include in my original post. I seem to have misplaced the past few days.

Yasuhiro Ishimoto (1921-2012)

Yasuhiro Ishimoto 1
Halloween, Southside Chicago, 1951
Yasuhiro Ishimoto 2
Untitled, Chicago, 1951

Yasuhiro Ishimoto was born in San Francisco and spent his childhood in Japan. He later returned to America and was interned in Colorado during the Second World War. Settling in Chicago after WWII, he became immersed in the city’s photography scene which included such notables as Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind.

These photographs feature his adopted city of Chicago which are gathered in the collection Chicago, Chicago (Bijutsu Shuppan-sha, 1969).