Anna Lea Merritt (1844-1930)

Anna Lea Merritt
War, 1883
Eve Anna Merritt
Eve, 1885



Ivan Shishkin (1832-1898)

Ivan Shishkin Rye
A Rye Field, 1878
Ivan Shishkin Winter
Winter, 1890


Mikhail Vrubel (1856-1910)

Vrubel Demon
The Demon Seated, 1890

Vrubel’s painting is based on the Demon from Mikhail Lermontov’s 1885 poem about a demon in love with a Georgian princess. The demon’s kiss is fatal, yet the princess is saved while the demon is doomed to eternal solitude. Vrubel described the Demon as “A spirit which unites in itself the male and female appearances, a spirit which is not so much evil as suffering and wounded, but withal a powerful and noble being.” He returned to this theme in later paintings.

Lilac, 1900

Another notable work of Russian symbolism. Vrubel worked with a palette-knife that lends the painting its mosaic quality.

Anselm Feuerbach (1829-1880)

Iphigenia, 1862
Medea, 1870


William Powell Frith (1819-1909)

William Frith
Pope Makes Love To Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, 1852

Frith described the unfortunate scene depicted in his painting at the 1852 Royal Academy exhibition: ‘Her own statement, as to the origin of the quarrel, was this: That at some ill-chosen time, when she least expected what romancers call a declaration, he made such passionate love to her, that in spite of her utmost endeavours to be angry and look grave, provoked an immediate fit of laughter: from which moment he became her implacable enemy’.

Josef Sudek (1896-1976)

Sudek photo
At the Janaceks, 1948
From the Window of My Atelier, 1940-1954

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, has a large collection of Sudek’s photography.

Julius von Klever (1850-1924)

Winter sunset in a spruce forest, 1889
Winter landscape with returning farmers, 1909


Marie Bracquemond (1841-1916)

Under the lamp, 1877
Louise Quivoron aka Woman in the garden, 1877