Adolf Chwala (1836-1900)

Adolf Chwala
Night Landscape, late 19th century
Adolf Chwala mill
Mill in the Moonlight, before 1900


Vojtěch Hynais (1854-1925)

Vojtech Hynais
Female Nude, 1879
Vojtech Hynais Zima
Zima (Winter), 1890


Jakub Schikaneder (1855-1924)

Jakub Schikaneder
In the Evening on Hradcaňy, 1909-1913
Schikaneder Interior
By the Girl’s Bed, 1909-1910


Maximilian Pirner (1854-1929)

Pirner Hekate
Hekate (Hecate), 1901
Pirner Moira et Eros
Moira and Eros, 1910


Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939)

Spring Night, circa 1910
The Introduction of Slavonic Liturgy, 1912
Praise the Lord in Your Native Tongue

The Slav Epic cycle is a collection of 20 paintings completed between 1910 and 1928. It is a depiction of the history and mythology of the Slavic people. This painting is third in the cycle, and deals with the early days of Slavic history.

František Dvořák (1862-1927)

Four Roses, late 1800s

Emil Holárek (1867-1919)

The Artist’s Dream, circa 1900

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939)

A Winter Tale, n.d.